Tinnitus and Acupuncture.

Tinnitus is a problem affecting the ears. The word comes from the Latin word for ringing – ‘tinnire’ meaning to ring. The problem is characterized by permanent or variable ringing, roaring, humming, hissing or chirping in the ears. It can be very debilitating and psychologically draining problem.

The problem can stem from different causes – industrial noise damage, acute infection, medication, and some cancers. The result is the acoustic nerve triggers the sensation of noise, without there being sound waves to affect the eardrum. In the US it was reported that 35-40 million people were affected by tinnitus.

In chinese theory, there can be two causes – energy being trapped in the ear, or not enough – both of which cause tinnitus.

By using acupuncture we hope to move the stuck energy or replenish the energy if there is too little, and in some cases we need to treat both patterns at the same time.

What are the outcomes? As a rule of thumb, it is quicker and easier to treat excess problems where there is too much stuck energy – if there is too little then this can take longer.

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Wishing you good health