Acupuncture can help improve chances of successful IVF treatment.

Acupuncture can help improve chances of successful IVF treatment.

I was recently reading an article in PubMed – an online medial review publisher. The article suggested that acupuncture was beneficial to the increasing chances of conception through acupuncture. Delving deeper into the article I realised that the study was floored. 

They do say that more investigation is needed, but not for the reasons I saw. The clearest problem for em is the obvious lack variability in the treatments. Each person was given predetermined acupuncture points. This seems odd in that each person has different baseline of health – some too hot, or too cold for example. The treatment is to balance energies, for example cool a hot person and warm a cool person. 

This is what we do at the clinic. It may seem easy to get a simple treatment from an unskilled professional, but my advice – ask if they have formal training and specialise in this area. If they have, then your in better hands. 

If you are interested in support through IVF treatment, then do ask – by email or text. 

Wishing you the best of health.


Giles Watts – Acupuncture

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