Can Acupuncture treat your migraines?

If you suffer from migraines then have a look at acupuncture.

In the UK  a staggering 5.85 million suffer from migraines, and at any one time 190,000 people in the UK experience a migraine headache! More women experience migraines than men. The severity does vary, but from my experience even the ‘mild’ ones are horrible. (Information from BAcC website)

Acupuncture can provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow around the brain, and affects the hormonal patterns (serotonin) that balance mood and appetite. More information can be found on the fact sheet published by the British Acupuncture Council. It gives a basic outline of how acupuncture works and how people can be affected by acupuncture. This includes citing the research behind these positive affects of acupuncture.

In my experience, migraines can be triggered by such things as chocolate, wine – in particular red wine, and can be related to menstrual cycles. It is important to explore what are possible triggers for you. This is carried out in the initial consultation, and monitored throughout your treatment. If you come for treatment we will look at your particular history – after all we are all different. The treatments are tailored to your individual needs. The length of treatment and speed of outcomes varies from person to person, though if it works it can be life changing!

If you want some treatment or are interested in acupuncture then contact me – even just for a chat.

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Note: You may wish to read an earlier post that Jane Elliot of the BBC wrote about her experience of Acupuncture and the Treatment of Migraines.

Useful links:

Migraine Action – is a UK based charity that provides information and support to migraineurs and their families. It is a comprehensive site which offers information on triggers and treatments, but also offers support – based in Leicester.

NHS Choices – an NHS information site giving information about what migraines are and information about triggers/help.

The Migraine trust – provides information about ‘western’ medicine and support medical research in to migraines – as well as UK based courses on management of migraines. It also gives advice on how Health Professionals (GPs etc ) can manage migraines – which can be useful for you if you want to read up on the latest treatments.

Breathworks (in Leeds) – This is a course designed fro those who live with pain and illness. Although it is not specific to migraines, it does offer a very well devised course and aims to empower you to manage your particular condition. There is a little more detail on Breathworks on an earlier news article. (Click here to go to the the national contact for Breathworks)