Meditation can help you in many ways

‘What are the benefits?’ I hear you ask – there are a number of benefits: by following the meditations, you can, for example, become more relaxed, more focused, and kinder. But remember, you have to start where you are, and the support of courses gives you the help to persevere.

I have been a meditator for some years and find it really useful, so I thought i would introduce you to it. There are some sites that you may wish to peruse. First there is an online course that may be for you, and second there are centers around the world!

The website/online courses are from the great website called ‘Wild Minds’ that offers the opportunity to learn to meditate from the comfort of your own home. The web site is run by to the Triratna Buddhist Order – it is an organization that I have been involved with for a number of years. On offer there are free self study courses – where you can pace yourself; led meditation instruction – with assistance from an experienced meditator ‘Sunada’; or you can buy additional meditations via downloads.

If you feel that you would like to learn in a more social environment then you could always try the Leeds Buddhist Centre and their introduction to meditation courses, or another centre run by the Triratna Buddhist Order who regularly run Meditation Course for beginners and have an ongoing program after you have learnt.

If you think ‘I you can’t do it’ then consider the image of training at the gym – you don’t expect to have the body of an Adonis in the first week . . or two . . or even three weeks, but we could work towards this over a period of time – and like meditation , we can gradually work on our habbits – both good (which get a little better) and bad (which get  a little less difficult to manage!) It takes time.

Of course there are many styles and places where you can learn meditation, but I know this one, and it’s a very good place to start and remain with if you wish. Wishing you all the best

Kind regards