Massage – To treat and be Treated.

Massage is very relaxing don’t you think?

And I find that massage works very well with Acupuncture. I you have a muscular-skeletal problem then I will probably use some massage. If you have had experience of massage in other settings, then you may know that there are different styles. I use massage to relax tight muscle groups and stimulate blood flow. You may have a bad back, or tight legs or shoulders – in these cases massage is great!

What are the Benefits of Massage?

There are many benefits of massage – but the main thing is that you will feel great after!

Benefits to the Nervous System

Where there is tension then massage can calm and relax the nervous system – this can be seen in cases such as migraines, tension headaches and general stress – including insomnia. Conversely, where there needs to be stimulation for example in the case of lethargy, we can use stimulating techniques.

Muscles and Massage – need I say more?

Tension, overuse, undernourishment – these are well treated with massage (and acupuncture) – increasing blood supply, removing any toxins, and benefiting the repair of muscle fibers.

Skin can ‘shine’.

Massage can use oils that benefit the skin, but more interesting is that massage, by improving the circulation, benefits skin – bringing nutrients and removing possible toxins.

Massage and the the Digestive System

If your digestion is sluggish, then we may use abdominal massage, or I may teach you self massage (known as Qi Gong for Digestion). This increases the wave like action of the guts.

All in all – Massage is great, but massage and acupuncture work even better!

Wishing you well,