Kiko Matsumoto Seminar – May 2011

Kiko Matsumoto is an exceptional practitioner and I had the privilege of working with her at her Boston Clinic and have attended her seminars regularly since 2005. She is a key inspiration for me – and an exceptional practitioner, as well as scholar into the classic texts of acupuncture.

The weekend seminars are always full. Consisting of treating patients and explaining the deeper meaning and applications of the classics.

The weekend covered treating strategies for ‘women’s issues’

The weekend seminar included (in western terms) menopause, osteoarthritis, incontinence, breast cancer prevention, shoulder problems, thyroid problems, and gall bladder removal.

In Japanese/Chinese terms, ill health stems from the weakness, or stagnation of energy in the body. This can manifest as tender tight points, weak or empty areas, and/or knots or ‘stone’ like areas (which are often cold). Primarily these are found and treated in the abdomen (called the tan tien) and the neck. releasing these improves the flow of energy, and hence health. Kiko is a master of this and showed a variety and depth of skills that I found impressive and . . . well superb!

In Kiko’s experience these areas are well treated by acupuncture and her knowledge is invaluable. She answered why we often get one sided symptoms – particularly the right side of your neck; the reasons for shoulder pain (again on the right) in post menopausal women, as well as many other related issues.

If you are interested in her style then I would not hesitate to recommend her books and courses, and if you are a patient then please feel free to contact me with regards to how I may help you.

Wishing you all the best – from an inspired practitioner!