Hopefully we can treat pain. Ideally remove the root cause. But if we can not do this, then we may find ourselves having to live with pain. This can be mental pain – ‘stress’ or physical pain.  There are some very pragmatic steps we can take to live well with pain.

One of the best ways to deal with this is through ‘mindfulness‘. How can we live best? How can we make good decisions? Breathworks uses easy and simple practices to create choice when we are in pain – how to manage ourselves and create choice where we once felt constrained.

Breathworks offers two courses: Living well with pain and illness and Living well with Stress. I would strongly recommend a look at these sites.

(Both these courses by Breathworks can be attended in Leeds (local to me) at the Leeds Buddhist Centre)

But just to reiterate, that if we can treat the root cause then isn’t that the best solution?

kind regards