Giles Watts – Acupuncture: the  Green Policy.

We are not separate from our environment. On a health level, we may know that we or someone can be affected by the heat, damp or cold – we are all affected by it. So, the environment is important, and we can make a difference. With the ever changing views of whether we can sustain our current environment, I have decided to spell out the ‘green’ policy of my clinic and to try to develop this over the coming weeks. Apologies for the simplicity of it at the moment!

This is my initial ideas – please feel free to contact me if you can see any other areas that can be added or improved!

Personal Statement of Giles Watts (Acupuncture Practitioner – Leeds)

  1. Cleaning: Wherever possible, we use environmentally safe cleaning products – such as ecological/bio friendly washing up liquid and cleaners. This is used at present in the Chapel Allerton Holistic Centre.
  2. Recycling: Used products will be recycled – such as couch roll and plastic packaging (where there is no contamination from use). The sharps bins cannot be reused and are sent for incineration via a third party.
  3. Transport: Where possible I will try to cycle to work – weather and time permitting!
  4. Lighting: Low energy light bulbs are used as standard.
  5. Insulation/Heating: Access to the loft is a difficulty – but I will check insulation level.
  6. Energy Suppliers: I will ask Jean Watson (Proprietor) where we get our electricity – this may not be possible to change. But alternative Green sourced energy may be an option if we (as a centre) cover any excess.
  7. Banking: Enquireies will be made in to the Co-op Bank – they may provide the most comprehensive ethical banking facilities/investments. Currently the bank I use has donated to a group of four  in a “Climate Partnership.” This includes the groups: Climate Group, the Earthwatch Institute, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and the WWF.

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Suggested reading:

Organic Home – Your Practical Guide to Toxin Free Living by Rosamond Richardson – A guide to how to live with less chemical and more environmentally friendly ways, also recycling ideas, and hundreds of money saving tips too – it is also fun to try! See the ‘widget’ in the News section of my website. Thanks to Sarah for pointing out this book!

To order books from amazon, please use the link in the widget , but better still order from your independent book seller!