Ear Acupuncture: Quit the Habit of Smoking

For the start of 2011, I am offering you help to quit the habit of smoking.

I offer ear acupuncture for the stopping of smoking, which acts as a support for your efforts to stop. It works by stimulating the body’s natural immune and calming functions, which can leave you feeling calm and relaxed in the process of quitting.

Sessions last up to one hour, and are charged at a rate of £36.00 per session. It is recommended that you come for 4-6 sessions, at regular intervals – Please note that I offer discount for block bookings.

I work at the Chapel Allerton Holistic Centre, and at the Headingley Chiropractic Clinic – both have parking outside for ease of use.

Call me on Leeds 0113 274 2329 or 077 914 76330 if you have an enquiry, or email me.

I also practice acupuncture and treat a wide variety of conditions from back pain to chronic illness.