Why GPs should Prescribe Acupuncture for Patients Branded ‘Hypochondriacs’.

So I don’t often read the Daily Mail, but I came across this article, and was pleasantly surprised by it. We all know the benefits of acupuncture for many conditions, and it would seem that a study has revealed the benefits for patients with a ‘confusing’ mix of symptoms – such as headaches, muscle pain, extreme tiredness, joint and back pain . . . Do these sound familiar?

A piece of research revealed that there were cost benefits to the NHS, but more importantly, there were ‘significant and sustained’ benefits to you the patients!

The study involved 80 adults who had consulted their GP at least eight times in the past year with problems such as headaches, muscle pain, extreme tiredness, joint and back pain.

Half were sent for acupuncture, up to 12 sessions in six months, while the remainder were given no extra treatment. Those having acupuncture had a significant and sustained benefit in their symptoms, says a report in the British Journal of General Practice.

Patients said the change in energy levels was ‘marvellous’.

The study was carried out by a research team from the Institute of Health Services Research, Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter.

Professor Andrew Gould, who led the study, said it was important to offer patients another option alongside conventional medicine where it wasn’t working.

There are many of these non specific conditions, that conventional medicine cannot deal with well. This is the remit of Acupuncture.

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Article is from the Daily Mail