Acupuncture and the common cold

I can’t remember it being this cold in Leeds for a long time. And whether it is the weather there are many friends, clients and family are all coming down with colds or flu. So I thought if I could provide some self help tips.

Colds and flu develop between 2-4 days after catching a virus – both are viral infections – but the difference between the cold and flu,  is that with flu you get a high fever. If you are healthy, then flu is usually just seen as a bad cold. But if you are infirm or very young you may find this condition serious, so it is advisable to seek medical aid in this case.

In the case of colds – here are some tips for health –

  • Antibioticsthese do not work for colds – but are given if there is a chest infection that is bacterial.
  • Drink water – this keeps the mucous fluid.
  • Rest – a cold is ‘telling you’ to wrap up and stay warm.
  • Continue to eat – food keeps your energy up and helps fight a cold.
  • Chicken soup – in Chinese Medical terms it boosts the body’s immune system  – and I believe it has been proven to help in western Medicine now . . and there is a really good recipe by Jamie Oliver.
  • Other sources of help can come from traditional remedies. These include Turmeric powder and milk; garlic; ginger; ginseng; and echinacea.

In terms of acupuncture, colds are seen as ‘wind’ invading the body. Wind can invade in different ways – for example getting a crick in ones neck is seen as wind, or getting chills after seeing out in the wind and damp. In this case of the common cold, it attacks the lungs. Hence the cough and phlegm. (If you wish to explore acupuncture theory more then I would suggest Yin Yang House on line resource), or I am more than happy to explain/discuss your condition.

The treatment I offer is aimed at releasing the pathogenic wind, and strengthening the immune system – and hence prevent future attacks. It is important to look at why we catch colds. After all why are some of us more prone than others? This is the area that I can help in  – acupuncture is a good preventative measure.

There are conditions that can stem from Colds such as sinus problems, or fatigue. Acupuncture can also assist with these. Please feel free to call me.

May the coming light after this shortest day bring you health and happiness

warm regards