How do we treat Cold in the Body?

Have you ever had a ‘crick in the neck’? This is a simple example of this. If you sleep in a cold draught, your neck can feel tight or even frozen! This would be seen in Chinese Medicine as Cold invading the muscles, or channels. So if there is cold, then the remedy is to warm the area affected. This is where we use of Moxa.

What is Moxa? Moxa is a herb that is used to warm the Body. It is applied to the point or area in several ways – on a needle or in a moxa roll (off the body), on ginger or salt, or on the body (as direct moxa). It feels lovely – the warmth can penetrate into the body, relaxing muscles and tension. The moxa smolders, and this warmth heats the body, and it feels lovely.

There are many conditions that moxa could be used – usually around feeling cold in joints muscles or your whole body. If you are someone who suffers feeling cold in the winter then moxa may be a great choice for treatment.

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‘Warm’ regards (and no apologies for the poor humor)