I have just read a lovely short and personal article on an acupuncturist’s site from Whole Health Acupuncture USA. The blog talks about the point called ‘pericardium 6’ –  a point used for Sea Sickness or Travel sickness. It gives advice on the location and effects of this point. (You can find that even massaging this point can work very well.)

There is one change the information on the site that I would like to make. The location is best found by placing the knuckle of the index finger on the wrist crease between the two tendons. Where the tip falls, between the tendons – that is P6. Often you can feel a change in resistance if you glide your finger up the line between tendons.

Added later – you could use this site to find P6 and it also gives technical information as well (GW)

Safe travels – Giles