Do you suffer from Migraines?

Do you suffer from migraines? This is an area that has seen positive results from acupuncture.

Clients can respond, as in this case study, by having less severe attacks, which are less frequent. After a period of time, with the management of this case going well, we reduced the frequency of her visits. Outcomes of completed treatments have been reduction in severity, and frequency, and have stopped the migraine attacks all together.

Usually I see clients once a week for four weeks. This gives us time to evaluate the benefits of the treatment, and adjust the treatment accordingly.

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You may wish to read a testimonial about migraines and Acupuncture. In The News there are two articles. One written by Jane Elliot, a health reporter from the BBC about her experience of acupuncture and migraines. The second is about the effectiveness of acupuncture and how it works (and offers additional links to the British Acupuncture Council and some its’ work in this area).


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