My style of acupuncture

I have developed a gentle and more effective approach over the years that I have been practicing acupuncture in Leeds. I combine techniques from Japanese Styles, including clinical strategies by Kiiko Matsumoto; what is termed TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine; and aspects of Five Element Acupuncture, as taught by J R Worsley and from the classics.

The benefit of having two main methods of practice is that there is more depth to treatments; simply put there are more ways to treat a condition. It also allows for the best modality to be used for example Japanese Acupuncture seems more effective than other methods for treating certain liver conditions.

There is a lot of use of the term ‘Holistic’. Within the remit of my practice I treat emotional and physical ailments and often both. I see the body as holding emotion for example, when we are stressed we often get tight shoulders. It can be said that tight shoulders and stress are one and the same. Often I see clients that have a particular area of weakness, whether this is digestion, headaches, back ache, etc. Our weakness is often the area that holds the emotional tension. It is in this sense that I use the term ‘Holistic’.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine or ‘TCM’, which I studied for four years at the Northern College of Acupuncture, looks at the patterns to our illnesses. For example we may have a ‘hot’ pattern this could be seen in symptoms such as a red face, a rapid pulse, in feeling hot, and wanting to drink cold water. The treatment would be directed by the pattern ‘hot’ treatment would be to cool the person down. The patterns are usually more complex than this, but I hope that this illustrates the style! Some time after leaving college I became interested in Acupuncture as a more physical medicine.

Acupuncture as a Physical Medicine

This style uses acupuncture to relax muscles and clear inflammation. At the time of becoming interested in this area of acupuncture, I was treating a lot of physical ailments – back, shoulder, neck, and knee problems, hence the natural progression to this style. It was great to combine these two styles the pattern based medicine and the physical acupuncture it worked on two levels of treatment, and I saw the benefits to my clients.

Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture works using what are called meridians in fact the theory of meridians is central to all acupuncture but Japanese Styles I have learnt focus primarily on these and the flow or blockage of energy in them. It was after a seminar based on the work of Kiiko Matsumoto that I found a deeper passion for acupuncture.

This style is based on very gentle needling (in fact you usually feel very little). It aims to release energy around organs and in channels to maintain and improve health. It is the most effective style I have come across to date and is very well suited to use of western medical knowledge, as well as the more traditional TCM theories.

How I practice acupuncture

Your well-being and health is my prime concern, so depending on the complaint you have, I incorporate one or more styles of acupuncture into your treatment. During this, I aim to emphasize:

  • Your comfort
  • Gentle needling styles
  • Appropriate use styles for the best results
  • Looking at the bigger picture manageable ways you could improve your own health: diet, lifestyle, the need for other therapies



I am registered with the the British Acupuncture Council.

Giles Watts is registered with BAaC

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