For an initial consultation lasting up to 1 ½ hours I charge £60.

During the initial consultation you will be asked for the main reason you have attended the clinic. I will also ask you about your health as it is now, any medical history and if you have or have had any other ailments. After this you will receive a treatment tailored to your particular needs, and we will discuss how many and frequency of sessions required.

(You may wish to have just the consultation without the treatment – for example, for your own use in diet or exercise. This is charged at the follow on sessional cost of £45.)

Follow-up sessions last up to an hour. For these I charge £45. These are also individually tailored to your needs on the day as well as treating the underlying conditions.

There are discounts available for booking 5 or more sessions in advance.



I am registered with the the British Acupuncture Council.

Giles Watts is registered with BAaC

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0113 274 3439

07791 476330


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